We stretch towards the sky
and the skies towards each other
everything and nothing: 
a never ending dance,
up there in endless galaxies.

Hoping to overcome the distance of a million light years
gone by in the glimpse of an eye.
Longing to merge yet not willing to collide

When reasoning is limited and skies are vast
open hearts and open souls
What if one day stars collide,
Will they become an even brighter light?

Would we be able to grasp the skies
could we become?
Or will we always be caught in nothingness

Could we explode and die
just a little death 
close to life
close to the skies.

Stars by Amelie Baasner
published on Safelight Paper – Sun Issue – 2

Performed by @yera.z.y @_inajia

All images © Nicolas Blanchadell